How contagious is a nail fungal infection

You can get Onychomycosis from a variety of sources. A dirty environment is the most common cause of a fungal infection. You may follow all the rules of good feet maintenance, but it only takes a 5-minute shower in a public place to catch a viral infection that might stay on your toes for up to four months.
Toenail diseases make life uncomfortable and prevent you from enjoying favorite activities like outdoor sports, swimming, going to the beach and even sex. Fortunately, with ZetaClear, you can treat Onychomycosis in just a few weeks and with zero side effects. This is a highly effective treatment for fungal infections that is composed of natural compounds and herbal extracts only.


You can tell if you have Onychomycosis as soon as you notice its first symptoms, and without the need of a medical opinion. Yellow streaks that cover your brittle toenails and an obnoxious odor that spreads into the air every time you take your shoes off are the first signs that you have toenail fungus.
You can treat fungal infections quick and easy by using Zeta Clear from the first symptoms of Onychomycosis. Daily applications of Zetaclear for toenail fungus leave your nails shiny and clean in less than a month.
Both the ointment and the spray prevent the infection from spreading or from penetrating your nail and affecting your skin. Doctors recommend that you use it long after you have regained the full health of your toenails to increase immunity against future fungal attacks.
So next time you visit Huxleigh please don’t forget to have some nail fungal protection with you all the time because your lady won’t like so much the ugly aspect of your nails if you don’t.
It’s easy to understand and after all you will realise it’s so beautiful to have wonderful nails with so much comfort.

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