Airline rerouted flight and cancelled my ticket – can I ask for reimbursement?

You made plans for your summer holiday, and you are ready to explore the best tourist attractions in your destination. But several weeks before your air travel, the airline sends you a notice that they reroute your flight. Your ticket is cancelled, and you don’t know what to do. Should you ask for reimbursement?

What are your rights in case of flight delay, rerouted flight, and cancelled ticket?

Most of the air passenger rights are regulated by EU261/2004 and apply for both European and non-European travellers who fly from or to a European destination. According to this regulation, if your flight is rerouted and your ticket is cancelled, the airline must offer you a choice between several options:

  1. A reimbursement – within 7 days, consisting in the full cost of the ticket you paid for the part of the travel you won’t make.
  2. A re-routing – in similar transport circumstances, so that you would arrive to your final destination at the earliest opportunity.
  3. A re-routing – under comparable traveling conditions, to your final destination, but at a later date.

The airline might offer you the chance to get to your vacation destination, but you’ll probably get there the next day, and you already had plans for the first day of your holiday. Because of the delay, you’d waste this day of your journey – and the airline won’t give you compensation for the reservations made. In this case, maybe you should consider filling a form for flight cancellation repay.

Plane ticket and documents

Keep copies of your original ticket, boarding pass, and any receipts of your expenses that are a consequence of your flight delay, cancellation, or overbooking.

Then, contact the airline via email and submit your request for flight cancellation compensation.

According to EU261, you are entitled to reimbursement up to €600, depending on the distance and how long was the delay.

When to ask for flight cancellation reimbursement

If your air travel was cancelled and you received notice of the cancellation between 7 and 14 days before the scheduled time of your departure, you are eligible to compensation, and you should claim it. Also, if you choose a re-routing that arrives at your destination after more than 4 hours after the original arrival time, and the cancellation wasn’t caused by extraordinary circumstances, you can receive flight cancellation reimbursement.

Most companies won’t even mention what you’re entitled to get if your flight had been cancelled or delayed. Here’s a thoughtful video on the subject:

But if the cancellation was noticed to you less than a week before the scheduled time of the flight, and the re-route brings you to your destination no more than 2 hours after the original arrival time, you are no longer entitled to get flight cancellation compensation. However, if it takes more than 2 hours to arrive at your holiday destination, you should fill the application to claim reimbursement.

Did the airline reroute your flight and cancelled your ticket? You are entitled to receive compensation, and you should ask for reimbursement. Keep track of any ticket, expense, or communication you may have, and contact the airline to claim compensation for cancelled flight!

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